New resources on aged care COVID–19 preparedness

Resources on COVID–19 preparedness including link to 13 March 2020 webinar for the aged care sector.

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Visit the department’s website to view the In Home and Community Aged Care COVID–19 Preparedness Webinar.

To assist in educating and equipping the aged care sector, BaptistCare have made available a video of their BaptistCare COVID–19 Staff Briefing and Q&A video.

In response to the outbreak of COVID–19 at Dorothy Henderson Lodge, Macquarie Park in Sydney, NSW, BaptistCare held a Q&A session on 9 March 2020 with NSW Health experts, including Dr James Branley, Head of Infectious Diseases, Nepean Hospital. Dr Branley was part of the Wuhan response team and was also one of the expert panellists in the webinar held on 13 March 2020.

View the BaptistCare COVID–19 Staff Briefing and Q&A video.