Multi-Purpose Services Program – Minor Capital Grant Opportunity Round (GO4856) – opens today

This Grant Opportunity is open to Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) providers to undertake minor capital projects the relate to the provision of residential aged care.

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Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) providers can now apply for a grant to undertake minor capitals projects that directly relate to the provision of residential aged care as part of the upcoming MPS Program Minor Capital Grant Opportunity. Up to $40m is available over two years starting in 2020-21.

Invitation to apply for minor capital projects

MPS providers are invited to apply to:

  • upgrade or extend existing premises
  • purchase equipment, including furniture and fittings
  • make upgrades to improve aged care service environment for people with dementia and developing a homelike environment

The maximum amount of funding available is up to $600,000 (GST exclusive) per Multi-Purpose Service.

Applicants must contribute at least 20% of the total project cost as an in-kind or cash co-contribution.

The Multi-Purpose Services Minor Capital Grant Round is now open and closes on 11 August 2021.

Further information

  • on the grant opportunity and access to the online application form is on the GrantConnect website
  • about the MPS Program is available on the department’s website