Date published: 
7 February 2020
Subscriber announcement
Intended audience: 
Health sector

Updated factsheets are available for aged care staff, residents and families with the latest advice on measures to limit the transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019‑nCoV).

The fact sheet for residents and families is also available in simplified Chinese and English.

Advice sent to you on 31 January 2020 has also been updated. The Australian Government is now advising any person who has left, or transited through, mainland China on, or after, 1 February 2020 to isolate themselves at their home until 14 days after leaving China.

You are asked to distribute these fact sheets to your staff and residents’ families, and to stress the importance of transmission-based precautions such as good hand hygiene.  

Further information on novel coronavirus can be found on the department’s website.