Home Care Reform: national provider survey extended

The date to complete the national provider survey for home care reform has been extending to Friday 20 August 2021.

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Thank you to the large number of providers who have already responded to our survey on the sector’s current status and readiness for the new support at home program. Responses to date suggest providers are generally very positive about the reforms.

To ensure we continue to hear a broad range of provider perspectives, the survey end date has been extended to Friday 20 August 2021. Your input is valued and will help to inform program design and a strategy for change management and support.

Many providers have expressed interest in hearing the outcomes of this consultation process. If sufficient responses are received, the department will host a webinar for providers about the survey’s findings – so please take some time to complete the survey to ensure we have a robust picture to share.

Some providers have indicated that they do not have answers to all questions readily to hand. If so, please complete as much of the survey as possible, and include your best estimate if data is not available. Program changes are on the horizon, and this is your chance to explain the challenges that will need to be addressed.

This information will be an important complement to the survey data being collected from senior Australians about reform of the aged care system – over 6,000 senior Australians have now provided their views to inform support at home reforms.

Additional information for providers

The department is designing a new support at home program to better support the almost one million older people who receive care at home or in residential respite services.

In July 2023, the new support at home program will replace the:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
  • Home Care Packages Program (HCP)
  • Short Term Restorative Care Program (STRC)
  • Residential Respite.

The survey will seek information about your organisation’s:

  • current services, systems, governance practices, workforce structure, review and reassessment processes, funding and finances
  • ability to adapt to changes to the different aspects of the home care system 
  • sentiment towards reform options.

The online survey will take you approximately 30 minutes if you have all information at hand. You are also able to download a pdf of the full survey to help you collect information from across your organisation if required before completing the survey online. We are seeking one response per provider.

The information you provide will inform the future of aged care in Australia.