Home Care Reform – national provider survey

The department is seeking to gain a preliminary understanding of the sector’s current status and readiness for change related to the new single program for support at home.

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A new support at home program is currently being designed to better support almost one million older people who receive care at home or in residential respite services.

In July 2023, the new support at home program will replace the:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
  • Home Care Packages Program (HCP)
  • Short Term Restorative Care Program (STRC)
  • Residential Respite.

We want to hear from all providers to ensure every perspective is captured. Your input is valued and will help to inform program design and a strategy for change management and support.

This survey will seek information about your organisation’s:

  • current services, systems, governance practices, workforce structure, review and reassessment processes, funding and finances
  • ability to adapt to changes to the different aspects of the home care system  
  • sentiment towards reform options.

Survey information

The online survey will be open until Friday, 13 August 2021 and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. A PDF copy of the survey is also available for download. If you require an excel spreadsheet to help you complete the survey, please contact provider.research@bcg.com for assistance.

We are seeking one response per provider.

We're committed to your privacy. Please be assured that any answers you give in response to questions in this survey will only be used for the intent and purpose of informing program design and provider support. They will not be used for any other purposes such as compliance or auditing.