Date published: 
23 January 2020
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Health sector

As an approved provider you have an important role to play to ensure that care recipients continue to receive quality care during and after emergency events by being well prepared for any events that might affect your service. Providers are required under the Aged Care Act 1997 to continue to maintain quality care and services to care recipients.

Home Care Packages providers are required to have plans in place for the management of emergency events.

After an emergency event you should:

  • when safe, provide advice to the department in your state about the impact of the event on your service and care recipients, including alternative arrangements put in place
  • keep staff, volunteers and care recipients well informed during an emergency situation
  • assess the impact of the event on your service and care recipients and take steps to recommence all services as soon as possible
  • liaise with and request assistance as required from local agencies providing recovery and other relevant services
  • review and amend your risk management plans, as needed

Given the significant bushfires in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, the department may contact services in affected areas to:

  • determine the impact of the bushfires on delivery of your service, and if any additional assistance required is being arranged for your care recipients
  • ask whether your service can support any additional care recipients from other providers who are unable to continue to deliver services.

Further information about managing an emergency event, including a checklist, is available on the department’s website.

The department can help with information on local vacancies and resources to manage an emergency or service delivery issues. Please contact the department in your state on:

New South Wales / ACT – 1800 852 649
Victoria / Tasmania – 1800 078 709
South Australia – 1800 288 475