Helping you to support residents and workers on COVID-19 vaccination

This notice is to help providers to make accurate, evidence-based information to all residents, family members and workers.

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Helping you to support residents and workers on COVID-19 vaccination

Residential aged care providers have an important role in supporting residents and their families, and their workforce, in accessing credible information on COVID-19 vaccines and the critical role vaccines play in protecting against serious disease and death from COVID-19.

With frequent new COVID-19 vaccine developments, it’s normal for people to have questions or concerns, and possibly feel unsure about getting a vaccine.

To support providers to make accurate, evidence-based information available to residents, family members and workers, the Department of Health’s website is a great resource for you to refer to so that you can help people make informed decisions

COVID-19 vaccines – Is it true?

COVID-19 vaccines - Is it true? Provides clear information addressing common questions and concerns, and separating misinformation from the facts. This resource includes evidence-based responses to a broad range of questions including:

Answers to common questions on COVID-19 vaccines is available in 63 languages.

There is also a range of information about COVID-19 vaccines available in English and translated in 63 languages, providing clear information which can be a useful guide in discussing COVID-19 vaccine with workers, residents and family members.

Guide for resident and family discussion

Another important resource available to providers is the COVID-19 vaccination – Shared decision making guide for frail older people, including those in residential aged care facilities. This guide provides a useful resource to use in supportive discussions with residents and family members on deciding about COVID-19 vaccination, and addresses common questions that older Australians may have about COVID-19 vaccination.

Misinformation and truths about COVID-19

Another excellent resource is the Department of Home Affair’s website which features Misinformation and truths about Coronavirus (COVID-19) providing the facts to common misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccination.

A fact sheet is also available on misinformation and the facts on COVID-19.

The SBS Coronavirus Portal is another good resource which includes the latest Australian and international news, information and updates about COVID-19 in 60 languages.

OPAN Video Series on COVID-19

To further support residents and family members, the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) website features a series of 11 videos with Dr Norman Swan. The videos are in response to questions from OPAN’s COVID-19 survey and questions from OPAN’s COVID-19 Vaccine webinar series.

To keep up to date on COVID-19 vaccination visit