Date published: 
20 October 2021
Subscriber announcement
Intended audience: 
Health sector

Please note: if you do not submit your Food and Nutrition Report by 21 October, the $10 per resident Basic Daily Fee supplement will stop for your service.

You may have already submitted your report before receiving this email. If so, no further action is required.

You can find the Food and Nutrition Report form on the My Aged Care service provider portal. Download the explanatory notes to help you complete your report.

You will need administrator access to see the portal and the form:

  • Request administrator access from your organisation’s My Aged Care service provider portal administrator.
  • Refer to section 1.6 of the My Aged Care – Provider Portal User Guide.
  • For enquiries about the My Aged Care portal, email myagedcare [at] or call 1800 836 799.

If you have any questions or require assistance with the Food and Nutrition Report, please email BDFS [at]