Being prepared – planning with your staff for an outbreak

Information for all aged care providers and residential care facilities to make sure their outbreak management plans are up to date to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak as we all continue to live with COVID-19.

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  • All people working in aged care need to understand their role in responding to any COVID-19 outbreak quickly.
  • Steps you can take to make sure your staff are prepared include:
    • Make sure all staff know who will lead a response to an outbreak on each shift
    • Remind team leaders or shift supervisors about how to activate the outbreak management plan.
    • Make sure your leadership team is contactable after hours and on public holidays – consider an on-call roster.
  • Review your resident and workforce vaccination status.
  • Review your workforce management plan so you have options for sourcing surge workforce if you need it:
    • Remember you may need to replace all types of staff: personal care workers, and cooking and cleaning staff to administration and management staff
    • Make sure you have a plan on how to orientate surge workforce and who will supervise these staff.
  • In-Home Care providers should have emergency plans in place for all clients. Staff should be aware of these plans and be able to implement if regular care staff or care recipients are infected by COVID-19. In-home care providers must continue to deliver aged care services even if the care recipient is in quarantine or isolation.
  • Report the outbreak to the Department of Health by emailing within an hour.
  • Helpful resources:
    • Advice from the ACQSC on lessons learned from previous outbreaks
    • Frequently asked questions about workforce in a COVID-19 outbreak
    • A guide to the first 24 hours in managing a COVID-19 outbreak in a residential aged care facility.

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