Aged Care Workforce Retention Payment – changed process to receive payment 3

Information about a change to the Aged Care Workforce Retention Payment.

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Details about payment 3 of the Aged Care Workforce Retention (ACWR) program are being sent to existing grantees. The value of the third payment will be equal to the second payment, unless a variation to funding is requested.

As the third payment was not part of the original grant agreement, there is a change to the process to receive this payment:

  1. The department will send an email to providers with a letter of variation.
  2. Providers are required to email reply to the department, from an authorised representative’s printed name and signature block.
  3. Once the email has been received, the department will process the payment.

Further information

  • This process will also apply to providers who have previously applied for a payment 3 variation.
  • If a further variation is required to payment 3, the email provides information on how to apply for a change in funding amount.

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