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Have your say: New guiding principles on continuity in medication management

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Medication management involves the selection, prescribing, reviewing, administering, disposing and evaluation of medication use. Are you involved in medication management at transitions of care?

We are updating the national quality use of medicines (QUM) publication on continuity in medication management and we would like your input.

The department has engaged the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to review and update the national QUM publication - Guiding principles to achieve continuity in medication management (2005).

These guiding principles support medication management across the continuum of care and are focused on person-centred care.

A survey will lead you through a series of questions so you can provide your comments.

Please submit your feedback by 20 December 2021.

Your input will inform the publication's review. It is expected to be finalised and published in 2022.

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