2020 Wellness and Reablement Report for Commonwealth Home Support Programme providers

The annual Commonwealth Home Support Programme Wellness and Reablement Report is due soon.

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Under the terms and conditions of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) grant agreement, providers must submit an annual CHSP Wellness and Reablement Report to the department.

The structure and questions of the 2020 Wellness and Reablement Report template will be the same as last year’s report.

Providers can complete the 2020 Wellness and Reablement Report via the Citizen Space Portal.

The link to the online reporting template will be sent to providers over the next week. If you haven’t received the link by 1 November 2020, please contact your Funding Arrangement Manager. You will have four weeks to complete the report.

Provider feedback from last year included that some information is not currently collected and maintained as data by providers. Where this is the case, the department asks that providers make estimates and consider options to capture more accurate information for the 2021 and 2022 reports.