Stakeholder consultations

Appendix 1a: Consultation with health jurisdictions

As a component of the Year 1 Review, the KPMG and Department of Health and Ageing project team met with representatives of each state and territory health department to discuss the review, seek comment on the approach and perceptions in respect to the likely impact of the Surcharge changes on public hospital activity, public hospital operating costs and elective surgery waiting lists.

Appendix 1b: Consultation with private health insurers and hospitals

As a component of the Year 1 Review, invitations to a workshop to discuss the impact of changes to the Surcharge and this review were forwarded to all private health insurers and private hospital representatives. Representatives of the below organisations attended a workshop held in Sydney on 28th October 2009.

Copies of the Year 1 Report were forwarded to all participants and invitations issued to provide feedback and comment to the Year 2 Review. A copy of the Year 1 Review was also forwarded to and discussed with the Australian Health Service Alliance.

Consultation with private health insurers

  • Australian Health Insurance Association
  • Health Insurance Restricted Membership Association of Australia (HIRMAA), representing 17 private health insurers. The following members of the HIRMAA also attended the workshop:
      - Reserve Bank Health Society
      - Railways and Transport Health Fund
      - Phoenix Health Fund
      - CBHS Health Fund
  • Medibank Private
  • NIB Health Fund
  • Towers Perrin (Towers Watson)

Consultation with private hospitals

  • Catholic Health Association
  • Australian Private Hospitals Association