National Hepatitis C Testing Policy May 2007

Appendix 7 Resources and referral details for consumers and providers

Page last updated: July 2007

General information

The following booklets are available from

Hep C: What You Need To Know - a comprehensive overview of hepatitis C.

I Have Hep C: what could happen to me

Information on Hepatitis C and Telephone support line 1300 HEP ABC or 1300 437 222

National Hepatitis C Resource Manual 2nd Edition (2007) will be available soon

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW 2006 'STI & BBI Manual'.
A manual for improving access to early detection and treatment programs for Aboriginal people and Communities in NSW

ASHM directory is a compendium of contact details that is updated each year and available in print at no charge. It includes detailed listing of practitioners, organisations, locations, languages and specialities.


The following factsheets are available from (If this URL does not work please try

Antibody Testing


Liver Biopsy

Liver Function

PCR Availability

PCR & Hep C Transmission

Pre-Test Discussion

Australian Hepatitis Council (2006), 'Contact: Post-test information for Hepatitis C'

Australian Hepatitis Council (2006), 'Preparing for testing'

Australian Hepatitis Council (2006), 'Women and Hepatitis C: a resource for women with hepatitis C'

Factsheets on hepatitis C in a range of community languages and Plain English are available at: Multicultural HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Service

Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

ASHM 2002 (to be revised 2007) 'Ambulance Officers and Hepatitis C
ASHM 2006 'Dental Health and Hepatitis C'
ASHM 2006 'General Practitioners and Hepatitis C'
ASHM 2006 'Nurses and Hepatitis C'

ASHM 2006 'Hepatitis C in Brief '- patient fact sheet is a resource designed for people who have received a positive hepatitis C antibody test result and for people wanting to know more about hepatitis C. Two versions of the hard copy pads in English are available: National and NSW/ACT/VIC (HCV S100 Pilot States/Territory).
'Hepatitis C in Brief' is also available in and eight (8) community languages: Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Khmer, Spanish and Vietnamese.
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Monographs which can be downloaded, or ordered from ASHM at, include:

ASHM 2006 'HIV/Viral hepatitis – a guide for primary care' is designed to meet the needs of general practitioners and other health care providers. It provides up to date information and guidelines on risk assessment, diagnosis, management and professional issues.

ASHM 2006 'Coinfection - HIV and viral hepatitis: a guide for clinical management' reflects best practice in Australia today for the management of HIV and viral hepatitis in the primary care setting.

ASHM Edition 3 2006'Australasian Contact Tracing Manual' is a practical handbook for health Care providers managing people with HIV, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmitted infections and HIV related tuberculosis.

ASHM 2005 'HIV and hepatitis C: policy, discrimination, legal and ethical issues' is a collection of essays describing the legal, ethical and discrimination issues presented by two important challenges to global public health: HIV and hepatitis C.

ASHM 2005 'Talking together' is a distance learning package for those working in Indigenous Health includes slides, HIV/Viral Hepatitis monograph and training materials.

Other resources

Crofts, Dore, Locarnini et al 2001 'Hepatitis C An Australian Perspective'.

Geoffrey C Farrell 2002 'Hepatitis C, other liver disorders and liver health'.
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Telephone Interpreter Service 131 450 (available nationally)

Private medical practitioners can access telephone interpreters (at no cost) through the Doctors' Priority Line 1300 131 450

In addition some jurisdictions have healthcare interpreters which are generally available at public health facilities

Alcohol and drug information services

Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)

(03) 9278 8100

(02) 6207 9977

(02) 9361 8000 or 1800 422 599 (rural)

1800 131 350

(07) 3236 2414 or 1800 177 833 (rural)

1300 13 13 40

1800 811 994

DirectLine 1800 888 236
DrugInfo 1300 85 85 84
Youth Substance Abuse Service
(03) 9418 1020 or 1800 014 446 (rural)

(08) 9442 5000 or 1800 198 024 (rural)
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Drug User Organisations

Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League
(02) 6279 1600

(02) 6279 1600

(02) 8354 7300
1800 644 413

(08) 8941 9921

(07) 3620 8111

(08) 8334 1699

(03) 9329 1500

(08) 9321 2877
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Hepatitis councils

Hepatitis Australia
(02) 6232 4257

Helpline 1300 301 383

Hep C Helpline 9332 1599 (Sydney callers)
1800 803 990 (NSW regional callers)

(08) 8941 1711 (Darwin callers)
1800 880 899 (NT regional callers)

Information Line (07) 3236 0612 (Brisbane Callers)
1800 648 491 (Qld regional callers)

(08) 8362 8443 (Adelaide callers)
1800 021 133 (SA Regional callers)

Information and Support Line
1800 005 900

(03) 9380 4644 (Melbourne callers)
1800 703 003 (VIC regional callers)

information & Support Line
(08) 9227 8538 (Perth callers)
1800 800 070 (WA regional callers)