National Hepatitis B Strategy 2010–2013

8. Workforce and organisational development

Page last updated: July 2010

Strengthening the capacity of health and community services to respond effectively to hepatitis B will reduce the chronic hepatitis B burden on Australia.

Chronic hepatitis B infection is a complex disease and services providing care and support are diverse. It is essential that these sectors have access to accurate information about hepatitis B and the skills to impart this knowledge.

General practitioners, primary healthcare teams, hospital-based nurses and interpreter services play a significant role in identifying, monitoring, supporting and managing people with chronic hepatitis B infection and will play an expanding role in treatment. Some of these healthcare workers have not received specific training on hepatitis B (particularly the management of the sequelae of chronic hepatitis B) in their pre-service training so catch-up strategies, continuing professional education and on-the-job training is required to increase clinical skills and cultural competency.

Developing cultural competency requires sustained collaboration with communities most affected by chronic hepatitis B. There will be organisations in which cultural competence at an individual or professional level is underpinned by systemic and organisational commitment and capacity so that services are effectively provided to people with chronic hepatitis B.

Priority actions in workforce and organisational development

  • Identify research on the capacity and need for workforce development and models which may be transferable.
  • Develop nationally consistent and accurate information about chronic hepatitis B for the community and health sectors, including national benchmarks or minimum standards.
  • Develop education on chronic viral hepatitis B for the medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare workers, interpreters and people working with communities most affected.

Ministerial Advisory Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections

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Bill Bowtell
Graham Brown
Jennifer Bryant
Kerry Chant
Andrew Grulich
Michael Kidd (Chair)
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Annie Madden
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Marian Pitts
Darren Russell
Cindy Shannon
Kim Stewart
Carla Treloar
Helen Watchirs
Mark Wenitong

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Viral Hepatitis Expert Writing Reference Group

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Brad Colbourne
Ben Cowie
Greg Dore
Daniel Geus
Magdalena Harris
Margaret Hellard
Michael Levy
Sam Liebelt
Graeme MacDonald
Annie Madden
Sheila Matete-Owiti
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Helen McNeill (Deputy Chair)
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John Ryan
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Peter Wapples-Crowe

Writing team

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