National Hepatitis B Strategy 2010–2013

3. Objectives and indicators

Page last updated: July 2010

This section details objectives and indicators that will be used to monitor progress under the strategy. Indicators are measurable targets that apply to the related objective.

The primary indicators are those that have been agreed to under the National Healthcare Agreement. These have been specified and will be regularly reported on during the life of the agreement. Additional indicators have been included for the more specific objectives relevant to this strategy. Further work will be undertaken during the implementation phase to develop a surveillance and monitoring plan. This will include further work on specifications for the indicators, and development of an agreed process for reporting on them. In some circumstances further data development may also be needed.

To reduce the transmission of hepatitis BReduce hepatitis B infectionsIncidence of hepatitis B (National Healthcare Agreement)
Coverage of hepatitis B
vaccination among children
and adolescents (Essential
Vaccines National Partnership
To reduce the morbidity and mortality caused by hepatitis BReduce the proportion of people with chronic hepatitis B who have not been diagnosedEstimated proportion of people with chronic hepatitis B who have not been diagnosed

Notifications of acute and unspecified hepatitis

Proportion of people who
die from hepatocellular
carcinoma within 12 months
of hepatitis B diagnosis
To minimize the personal and social impact of hepatitis BImprove the health and wellbeing of people with chronic hepatitis B, through access to clinical services, screening, treatment, education and supportProportion of people with chronic hepatitis B who meet the criteria for hepatocellular carcinoma and who are receiving annual screening

Incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma attributed to hepatitis B

Proportion of people with chronic hepatitis B dispensed drugs for hepatitis B infection through the Highly Specialised Drugs (s100) Program
(1) In areas with available data