This section details how the indicators for the five National Strategies will be measured. The indicator table has four columns:

Objective: The objectives are drawn from the National Strategies.

Indicator: The indicators are drawn from the National Strategies. In some cases it has been necessary to revise the indicators for reasons of feasibility. Where the wordings of the indicators have been revised, they remain aligned with the objectives of the National Strategies, and are as similar as possible to the original indicators.

Data components and source: This column describes the data that will be used to report against the indicator, and is based on the recommendations of the working groups. All indicators will be reported by jurisdiction; any proposed additional stratification is outlined in the ‘Analysis’ section for each Indicator.

Likely report date/Implementation Plan: This column presents the first likely date when this indicator will be reported. For indicators that are already routinely reported, this will be 2011. Some indicators are not currently reported and require the establishment of a new data collection process, or modifications to existing processes. For indicators that are not currently reported, this column outlines the next steps that need to be taken to progress towards being able to report this data.