Requirements for Information Communication (2007 Edition)

Appendix A - Online versions of national, state and territory privacy legislation

Page last updated: 14 January 2008


Privacy Act 1988

National Privacy Principles

Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Regulations 2006 (No. 1) Statutory Rules No. 301

Australian Capital Territory

Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1977

New South Wales

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998

Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002

Northern Territory

Information Act 2002


Information Standards 42A (Health)

South Australia

Information Privacy Principles 1989


Personal Information Protection Act 2004


Information Privacy Act 2000$FILE/00-98a001.pdf

Health Records Act 2001

Western Australia

Health Act 1911
Please note: at the time of publication there was no state-specific privacy legislation in Western Australia.