Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians

Whole Population - Community Sector

Page last updated: 21 July 2011

The general public needs consistent information that is evidence-based, easily understood, widely available, reinforced and action oriented. Social marketing strategies have the potential to influence community support for action and shift social norms towards support for healthier behaviours. Community projects can build upon and reinforce this awareness and understanding and help motivate people and organisations into taking local action that meets the communities’ needs.

Outcomes sought:

Increased community understanding of the health and lifestyle significance of overweight and obesity, knowledge of ways of preventing weight gain, improved motivation to take action, and community support for environmental and social changes that contribute to preventing weight gain.

Greater commitment and capacity of communities to undertake a range of actions to promote better nutrition, increased physical activity and healthy weight, in collaboration with other groups.
Communities may include geographic and cultural entities.


Social Marketing

  • Conduct a sequence of social marketing and mass media campaigns targeted at the personal, household, workplace and community levels, to create a community that is aware, motivated and taking action to prevent weight gain. These campaigns should promote consistent messages on healthy weight.
  • Encourage local community-based projects to reinforce social marketing campaigns and stimulate cross-sector projects.
  • Develop nationally coordinated resources to assist communities to undertake projects that meet local needs.
  • Prepare consumer information and guidelines about effective weight management practices relevant to specific target groups.


  • Enable the learnings from whole-of-community demonstration projects that involve cross-sector collaboration, planning and environmental change initiatives to be available to organisations interested in implementing similar initiatives.