Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians

People With Established Risk of Weight-Related Chronic Conditions

Page last updated: 21 July 2011

There is good evidence supporting the effectiveness of healthy lifestyle programs for people with established risk of weight-related chronic conditions. Effective programs for people with established risk comprise a more specialised array of health sector services, which are usually more intensive and individually-oriented.

The outcomes and actions for the whole population are relevant and applicable to people with established risk of weight related chronic disease. The actions in this section are in addition to those in the ‘whole population’ section.

Outcomes sought:

Increased capacity of the health sector to assess, refer, support and provide multidisciplinary services that can contribute to increasing physical activity, improving nutrition and preventing weight gain as part of an integrated service.

Integrated implementation of chronic disease prevention and other preventive health services and lifestyle programs at national, state and local levels.

Health sector actions:


  • Enhance the skills of the health workforce in providing lifestyle and chronic disease prevention advice and programs.

Primary health care

  • Encourage general practitioners to utilise the relevant MBS items for the management of chronic conditions and complex care needs, including assessment, management and case coordination for people with established risk.
  • Encourage the private health insurance industry to provide extra cover for weight management services delivered by general practitioners, specialists, allied health and other accredited private providers.
  • Consider ways in which existing health financing systems (Medicare, private health insurance etc) could facilitate people with established risks to utilise self-management approaches to improve their health, such as participating in recommended physical activity sessions.
  • Evaluate a range of international coordinated delivery systems of public and private services for provision of moderate and high intensity lifestyle and chronic disease prevention programs and their applicability for the Australian setting.