Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians

Agenda for Action

Page last updated: 21 July 2011

The Agenda complements and reinforces actions already identified in other national, State and local strategies and frameworks. This was seen as important by policy makers and practitioners who were consulted during the preparation of the Agenda. In some cases actions described in current strategies are not being implemented with sufficient intensity to influence weight status, or are not being implemented on a wide enough basis to reach a majority of people.

Each jurisdiction therefore needs to take account of what is currently being implemented and its intensity and reach, in order to identify what further actions, or what enhancement of current actions, should occur in that jurisdiction. This will be a critical step in developing an effective portfolio of actions.

Diagram with a half circle on top which say 'Outcome', then underneath 'Environmental behaviour and behavioural changes for each target population goup', then underneath three boxes in a row, 'Community Sector', Health Sector' and Cross Sector.

Effective action will require:

  • a multi-strategic approach, so that different actions are working together to reinforce the effects of each;
  • intensity of actions sufficient to make a substantial impact;
  • widespread implementation of actions sufficient for any impacts to affect large numbers of communities and people; and
  • a sustained sequence of actions, to build momentum and a cycle of change, such as has occurred in tobacco control.