Sports Ministers Endorse a Domestic Service Veterans Sporting Event

The Minister for Sport Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie welcomed the announcement that the Invictus Games legacy will live on in Australia, with the establishment of a dedicated service veterans sporting event led by RSL Australia and RSL NSW.

Page last updated: 29 October 2018

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27 October 2018

Today at the Meeting of Sport and Recreation Ministers in Sydney and prior to the Invictus Games closing ceremony, Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers endorsed the proposed establishment of a bi-annual competition for service veterans to take part in Australia in the alternate years to the Invictus Games.

“The Invictus Games have been an outstanding success and a true demonstration of the power of sport,” Federal Minister for Sport, Senator Bridget McKenzie said.

“The atmosphere and spirit of competition and the support by the public has been exceptional and the Invictus Games has demonstrated why it is an important part of the healing for our wounded warriors.

“In addition, establishing dedicated domestic veterans sporting event provides further opportunities for veterans to get involved in existing sports within the broader Australian community.

“The example that these unconquerable warriors has set over this week of the Invictus Games should serve as inspiration for us all. We applaud their efforts and by creating a new veterans competition, it will ensure that this legacy continues to live on.”

Ministers also discussed a number of areas for closer collaboration including addressing the increasing threat to the integrity of sport, developing a policy framework for increasing girls participation in sport and building a more active Australia, recognising the wide ranging benefits of sport and physical activity to individuals and communities.


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