Research, Data and Evaluation Division

This Division is responsible for strengthening our evidence based approach and enhancing our ability to understand and analyse the very complex and data rich system we oversee. The Division will be a resource across the organisation to help us gain greater insights into how the system is performing and where we should deploy our resources for specific issues.

Page last updated: 07 October 2016

The Division comprises the following branches:

Health and Medical Research Branch

This Branch is responsible for Research investment including the Medical Research Future Fund, clinical trials, research liaison and primary care research.

Health System Financing Branch

This Branch is responsible for hospital financing policy and building broader health system financing policy.

Performance, Evaluation and Quality Branch

This Branch is responsible for Primary Health Network Data, performance and evaluation, safety and quality, hospital performance data and analysis and a newly established centre of excellence for evaluation.

Health Analytics Branch

This Branch is responsible for evidence and analytics, modelling and analysis, data management, and the strategic policy unit focusing on data and analytics.