Training frontline workers: young people, alcohol and other drugs

Learning resources to assist frontline workers address the needs of young people on issues relating to illicit drugs.

Page last updated: 2004

Most modules contain two booklets - a facilitator's guide and a learner's workbook.

Module 1: planning for learning at work
Module 2: perspectives on working with young people
Module 3: young people, risk and resilience
Module 4: working with young people
Module 5: young people, society and AOD
Module 6: how drugs work
Module 7: frameworks for alcohol and other drugs work
Module 8: helping young people identify their needs
Module 9: working with young people on AOD issues
Module 10: working with families, peers and communities
Module 11: young people and drugs - issues for workers
Module 12: working with intoxicated young people

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