Health Systems Policy Division

Health Systems Policy Division is responsible for providing an overarching whole-of-system policy perspective, ensuring that activities across Health are aligned and coordinated, and that they consider the strategic implications for the health system.

Page last updated: 21 December 2015

The Division comprises the following branches:

Portfolio Strategies, Engagement and Coordination Branch

This Branch is responsible for whole-of-government policy, Commonwealth and State relations and Secretariat support for this engagement, and policy and analysis.

International Strategies Branch

This Branch is responsible for international relationships regarding health, policy and trade.

Strategic Policy Branch

This Branch is responsible for better access policy, system productivity and efficiency, primary care policy, project management and agency merger initiatives.

Primary Health Care Advisory Group Taskforce

This Taskforce is responsible for the Primary Health Care Advisory Group Secretariat and related policy.

Best Practice Regulation Branch

This branch provides strategic policy advice in relation to the regulation of nuclear radiation safety, gene technology, therapeutic goods (including health-related intellectual property matters) and chemicals, and leads the department’s engagement in reducing the impact of regulation and red tape, whilst maintaining desired health outcomes and upholding public health and safety protections.