Accessibility Action Plan and Disability and Carers Network

Page last updated: 23 May 2018

Accessibility Action Plan 2016-2019

The Accessibility Action Plan sets out how we will work together to build and strengthen our departmental culture, and is another step towards our goal to make Health an employer of choice for people with disability and those who care for people with disability.

The Plan aligns with the Department’s Strategic Intent 2016 – 2020 that outlines the department’s five year approach to attracting, retaining, building capability and motivating our people to deliver outstanding performance, and reporting and evaluating our success to continually improve. We will build leadership at all levels, think strategically, make evidence based choices, strengthen our key relationships, embed innovation in our work, and manage cost and invest in long term sustainability.

The objectives in the Plan have been developed to align with the four key action areas in the As One: Making it Happen, APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016-2019 (the APS Strategy), (which also include a focus on Indigenous people with disability). These key actions areas are:

  • Foster inclusive cultures in the workplace
  • Expand the range of employment opportunities for people with disability
  • Invest in developing the capability of employees with disability
  • Increase the representation of employees with disability in senior roles and the Regional Office network
There is a strong emphasis on the central role of leaders, as the objectives in the Plan can only be achieved with support from all levels of leaders in the Department.

The department is a Gold Member of the Australian Network on Disability and utilises resources developed by AND.

Accessibility Action Plan 2016-2019 (PDF 313 KB)
Accessibility Action Plan 2016-2019 (Word 1849 KB)

Disability and Carers Network

The department is committed to maintaining the Disability and Cares Network which was established in 2010 to support staff with disability and provide a forum for staff with disability to speak up with confidence regarding issues and challenges. The name change better reflects the prominence of the role that Carers play in the workforce. The Disability and Carers Network is a group of department staff who are interested in progressing issues for people with a disability. The Network is run by a network committee of up to 10 elected representatives from Central and Regional offices.

Staff who join the network are people:
  • who identify as having a disability
  • who care for someone with a disability
  • have some lived experience with disability
  • who supervise or manage someone with a disability
  • who genuinely care about progressing issues for staff with disability.
The network can:
  • provide advice to the department on policy that affects staff or people in the community with disabilities
  • organise and participate in awareness activities in the department
  • support and advocate for each other
  • mentor staff with disability
  • engage with the department and senior leaders on disability matters.