158-1112 - Freedom of Information (FOI) caveat

Clarification of error of fact in document disclosed in FOI request

Page last updated: 17 January 2012


Tasmania did not provide hospital separations data for all hospitals to the National Admitted Patient Care collection for the year 2008-09. Data for Tasmania does not include two private hospitals that account for approximately one eighth of Tasmania's total hospital separations. This specifically applies to the second sentence of the first dot point on page 21 of the report.


Page 15 of the report contains the following statement:

"Blood and blood products are provided free of charge to private hospitals in Australia, and except in NSW and Tasmania, to public hospitals as well ,

This statement implies that hospitals in NSW have to pay for blood. This is not the case. Prior to 2004, funding for blood and blood products used in NSW was managed centrally by the then NSW Department of Health. In 2004 the Department commenced phasing in the devolvement of the budget for blood and blood products to the then Area Health Services. The budget to each Area Health Service (now Local Health District) was incorporated in the Area Health Service's global budget which is increased each year in line with the CPI increases. Supplementation is provided for blood and blood product price increases plus any increase in product price because of Therapeutic Goods Administration or government-mandated initiatives e.g. universal leucodepletion of red blood cells when these occur. The Local Health Districts are responsible for funding the costs associated with blood and blood products usage from their golbal budgets. The cost of blood and blood products used by private sector facilities continues to be met from funds managed by the NSW Ministry of Health.