National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

The avoidable costs of alcohol abuse in Australia and the potential benefits of effective policies to reduce the social costs of alcohol


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We would like to express our gratitude to the following people who assisted us in this research project in various ways:

Gavin Andrews
James Codde
Suzanne Mobbs
Peter Sainsbury

We would also like to thank various people who are working, or have worked, in the drugs strategy area of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and who have helped us in the course of this project:

Emily Davis
George Phillips
Karen Price
Chrysanthe Psychogios
Gunjan Sharma
Patrick Smith

We should particularly like to thank Professor Jürgen Rehm of, inter alia, the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, for permission to use some of the data developed by his research group in our calculations of the Arcadian Normal. In our work we have drawn substantially upon the Health Canada avoidable cost guidelines and would like to acknowledge the valuable role of our co-authors of these guidelines:

Serge Brochu
Brain Easton,
Augusto Pérez-Gómez
Jürgen Rehm
Eric Single

We are greatly indebted to all who assisted us. If errors and omissions remain, despite all the information and assistance provided, they are entirely our responsibility.

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