Delivering our Commitments to Boost Dementia Research

The Abbott Government is honouring its election commitment to deliver an unprecedented $200 million funding boost to Australian researchers working on ways to prevent or cure dementia.

Page last updated: 13 May 2014

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13 May 2014

The Government is making decisions that repair the Budget, strengthen the economy and prepare Australia for the long term challenges before us.

The 2014-15 Budget demonstrates the Abbott Government’s commitment to foster world-leading, patient-focused health and medical research.

This funding reflects an intensive, new approach to dementia research, which will help position Australia as a world leader in the field.

In economic terms, dementia has the capacity to overwhelm our health and aged care systems.

Dementia affects more than 320,000 Australians – including one in four over the age of 85 – making it the third leading cause of death in Australia.

The Budget delivers funding to establish a National Health and Medical Research Council hosted National Institute for Dementia Research.

The institute will bring together existing Australian research infrastructure and resources and provide capacity to translate that research into practice. It will also ensure integration with the international research effort and provide a platform to strategically ‘scale up’ dementia research in Australia.

The Government is honouring its commitment to deliver $9 million for Brisbane’s Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research.

The Government understands the crucial role of research in finding new treatments and cures to prevent illness and care for patients, from primary care to intensive care.

The Budget is part of the Government’s Economic Action Strategy to build a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

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