Better Ageing – supporting activity in older Australians

Page last updated: 08 May 2018

Better Ageing – supporting activity in older Australians (PDF 117 KB)

The Government will increase funding for aged care by $5 billion over five years. The Government will increase levels of physical activity in Australians aged 65 years and over to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

A grants program will support Australian national sporting organisations and non-government organisations to develop and implement local, community-based activities which promote physical activity among older Australians.

Programs will be specifically designed for an older age group.

Why is this important?

Research shows physical activity in older age has significant cardiovascular and metabolic health benefits, and helps to control weight and combat chronic disease.

People in this age group are not currently receiving consistent and timely information about how and why participation in physical activity is important.

Older Australians who do understand the importance of physical activity may find it difficult to access relevant activities as they are often not designed for older participants.

Who will benefit?

This measure encourages Australians aged 65 years and over to adopt and incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic disease, reduce the risks associated with falls and increase overall physical and mental health.

How much will this cost?

This will cost $22.9 million from 2018–19 to 2019–20.

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