Sport – protecting the integrity of Australian sport

Page last updated: 08 May 2018

Sport – protecting the integrity of Australian sport (PDF 122 KB)

The Government will protect the integrity of Australian sport in the face of increasing threats and emerging challenges. Key elements of the measure are:

  • promoting national anti-doping capability, including funding to the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority; and
  • enhancing sports-related criminal intelligence capability.

Why is this important?

Sport faces growing threats to its integrity, including increasing and more sophisticated doping, rising international sports wagering, illegal online gambling, involvement of organised crime, corruption within sports administration, and growing participant protection issues. The value of sport in delivering health, social and economic outcomes can be lost if sport is not fair and free of foul play.

The Government is investing to protect the integrity of Australian sport while it fully considers the suite of recommendations from the Independent Review of Australia’s Sports Integrity Arrangements. This interim boost to our national anti-doping and criminal intelligence capabilities will help protect the reputation of Australian sport, and preserve the role sport plays in delivering social, economic and health benefits to all Australians.

Who will benefit?

Australian sport will benefit from a framework that protects the integrity of competitions and promotes a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all participants. The Australian community will be reassured that Australian sport is clean, from community sport through to elite levels.

How much will this cost?

This will cost $10.1 million in 2018–19.

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