Building an Indigenous Community Care Workforce

120 Indigenous Australians, currently participating in the Community Developments and Employment Projects (CDEP), will have their positions converted into real jobs at a cost of $8.5 million over four years.

Page last updated: 08 May 2007

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Why is this important?

  • Under this measure 120 Indigenous Australians working in community-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community care will have their positions converted into real jobs.
  • These workers are currently participants in the Community Development and Employment Projects (CDEP) program. They work either in the National Respite for Carers (NRC) program or the Home and Community Care (HACC) program.
  • From 1 July 2007, 90 CDEP positions in the HACC program in urban and regional areas will be converted to real jobs. This will ensure that current service levels in HACC are maintained when CDEP is withdrawn in urban and regional centres from 1 July 2007.
  • Starting on 1 July 2008, 30 positions in remote areas in the NRCP will also be converted into real jobs.
  • This is the Department of Health and Ageing component of a measure put forward by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Who will benefit?

  • Indigenous Australians who are currently CDEP participants and employed in NRCP in remote areas and HACC agencies in urban and regional areas will benefit from the opportunity to obtain real employment.
  • HACC and NRCP service providers and clients will also benefit. The conversion of CDEP positions into real jobs will contribute to the development of a stable and skilled workforce.

What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?

  • This measure will cost $8.5 million over four years.

What have we done in the past?

  • This measure builds on the 2006-07 Improving Indigenous Health Worker Initiative which is transitioning 130 full-time-equivalent CDEP positions into permanent jobs in Australian Government-funded primary health care and substance abuse centres from 1 January 2007.

When will the initiative conclude?

  • This initiative is ongoing.

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