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We show leadership and effectively manage staff performance.

Part Three details the Department’s governance, people and financial management arrangements. It also includes information on internal and external scrutiny activities and ministerial responsibilities.

Our Managers

As managers we:

  • show leadership and effectively manage staff performance;
  • ensure staff understand their role in achieving the Department’s priorities;
  • involve staff in decision-making to promote open and productive working relationships;
  • promote enthusiasm by delegating interesting work where possible;
  • encourage and support staff to reach their full potential;
  • assist staff to maintain a healthy work and life balance; and
  • acknowledge and reward the efforts and contributions of staff.

Our People


  • put Our Values into practice and add as much value as we can to our tasks;
  • work in partnership with each other and with our stakeholders;
  • commit to quality and administrative excellence;
  • take personal responsibility; and
  • respect each other and strive for a happy, safe and productive work environment.

Department of Health and Ageing Corporate Plan 2006–09

Produced by the Portfolio Strategies Division, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
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