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Welcome to the 2007-08 Annual Report

The 2007-08 Annual Report is in eight parts:


The report opens with an introduction, the preface, a letter from the Department’s Secretary to the Minister for Health and Ageing, and contents pages.

Part 1 Overview

Part One explains the Department’s activities, broad strategic directions and priorities for the year. It also notes key issues and achievements. These are set out in the Secretary’s Review, the Chief Medical Officer’s Report and the Departmental Overview.

Part 2 Performance Reporting

Part Two discusses the main activities of the Department’s 15 outcomes, reporting on the Department’s performance against the key strategic directions and targets detailed in the 2007-08 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements and the 2007-08 Health and Ageing Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements. This section also includes financial reporting on Budget estimates and actual expenses for 2007-08, and services provided to the portfolio Ministerial team.

Part 3 Management Arrangements

Part Three details the Department’s governance, people and financial management arrangements. This section also includes information on internal and external scrutiny activities and ministerial responsibilities.

Part 4 Accountability Reporting

Part Four provides a range of information relating to the Department, including payments for advertising and marketing research and consultancies, and our performance in meeting Commonwealth Disability Strategy, Ecologically Sustainable Development and Occupational Health and Safety objectives. Information on discretionary grants and Freedom of Information arrangements is also included.

Part 5 Financial Statements

Part Five contains the complete set of financial statements for the Department of Health and Ageing and the Therapeutic Goods Administration Trust Account.

Part 6 Contact Details

Part Six contains contact details for the Department’s Central and State and Territory offices. Contact details for portfolio agencies are also provided.

Acronyms, Glossary, Index and Postscript


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