What sign language interpreting services are available?

The Department of Health funds Auslan Connections to provide free sign language interpreting services to aged care service providers.

Their services include:

  • national face-to-face and video remote interpreting services 7 days a week including after business hours when required
  • sign language services such as Auslan, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, American Sign Language, International Sign Language, and Signed English
  • tactile signing and hand-over-hand signing for deafblind people

You can use these services to help your clients engage with and take part in their aged care services. If you use these services for other reasons, you must pay for them through your funding or the client’s budget.

For services in other languages, see translating and interpreting services for aged care service providers.

Who is eligible?

Your organisation is eligible if it provides the following aged care services: 

  • Aged Care System Navigators
  • My Aged Care
  • Regional Assessment Services
  • Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme
  • Home Care Packages
  • Residential aged care
  • Other aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government

Registering for sign language interpreting services

When your organisation contacts Auslan Connections for the first time to make an appointment, they will register your organisation on the booking platform.

Once registered you will receive a booking code, which you must use each time you book an interpreting service.

Clients making their own booking for free sign language interpreting services can also do so by contacting Auslan Connections below. Clients will not require a booking code.

Accessing sign language interpreting services

To book sign language interpreting services for your clients, you can:

  • book online
  • call: 1300 010 877
  • email: interpreter.bookings [at] deafservices.org.au
  • fax: 07 3892 8511
  • SMS: 0407 647 591

When service providers book, quote the booking code when registering for the service.

Book as soon as possible to make sure an interpreter is available.


Auslan Connections

Auslan Connections is funded by the Department of Health to provide sign language interpreting services to service providers.

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interpreter.bookings [at] deafservices.org.au

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Last updated: 
23 February 2021