The National Youth Policy Framework will provide information on how the Australian Government is supporting young people living in Australia by implementing policies and programs that aim to improve their lives. The Framework is due to be considered by the Minister at the end of 2020.

About the framework

The National Youth Policy Framework will:

  • describe the Australian Government’s existing youth policies and programs
  • suggest a platform to engage young Australians on the policy issues that impact and interest them. This includes issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in the immediate and longer term.

The Youth Taskforce will deliver the framework at the end of 2020.  

Why it is important

Giving young people the chance to share their views and ideas with us helps:

  • to better understand the issues, ideas and concerns of young people
  • identify where young people experience challenges accessing Government policies and programs
  • increase awareness of services that support young people.

Goals of the framework

The National Youth Policy Framework will:

  • capture the voice of young people on policies that affect them
  • help make it easier for young people to find Australian Government services
  • be the first important step in ensuring young people have a greater say on the policies and programs that impact and are important to them.

Meeting these goals

The Youth Taskforce has written an interim report to support further consultation and guide the development of the National Youth Policy Framework.

The Youth Taskforce consulted with young people for this interim report to identify:

  • priorities
  • challenges
  • concerns
  • gaps
  • opportunities.


For us to achieve meaningful change now and into the future, young people should have a platform to have their say on the decisions that affect them.

We know the importance of investing in Australia’s young people, and believe in their power to create positive change.

We have consulted with young people to help inform the National Youth Policy Framework. We had to change our plans to do a face-to-face consultation with young Australians because of COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, we created a national online survey to give young people the chance to tell us about the issues they face and what they feel would help address those issues.

The consultation phase has now closed. The Taskforce will now work hard to develop the Framework using information we got from consulting:

  • young people
  • relevant Government services
  • non-Government organisations that work with young people or deliver services for young people.

The Taskforce will provide a Framework to the Minister by the end of the year so that the Minister can continue working with parliamentary colleagues to finalise the approach.


There are currently no available funding opportunities.

We expect that the Government will announce the recipients of 2 grant streams before the end of the year:

  • The Youth Advocacy Support Grants provide for $1 million to be shared by youth advocacy organisations with the goal of establishing a sustainable and vibrant youth advocacy network.
  • The Youth Action Project Grants are a pool of funding totaling $950,000 for small, grassroots, community-led projects that support young people. The Foundation for Young Australians will administer these grants.

Related information

Interim report

Youth Taskforce interim report

This interim report is based on extensive research and consultation with young people and experts. It will support further consultation and guide the development of the National Youth Policy Framework, to be delivered by the end of 2020.

National Youth Policy Framework snapshot

The snapshot provides a 1-page overview of the priorities explored in the National Youth Policy Framework consultations.


Youth Taskforce

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Last updated: 
13 October 2020