What we’re funding

$1.3 billion in a Health and Medical Industry Growth Plan to drive a new era of better health care, fuel jobs and support economic growth.

Desired outcomes

The Growth Plan will inject an estimated $18 billion into the Australian economy. This will cement Australia’s place as a world leader in health and medical research and technology development.

It will:

  • add an estimated 28,000 new jobs
  • provide a minimum of 130 new clinical trials
  • generate a 50% increase in exports, new markets and global market leadership in biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • improve healthcare outcomes from new medicines, devices and treatments, embedded genomics technology, clinical trial activity and data analytics
  • boost the Australian economy through jobs and export potential.

Key elements

The Growth Plan will provide:

Why it’s important

  • Medical research has the power to save and improve lives and support Australian jobs and world leading industries.
  • The Growth Plan will deliver scientific breakthroughs from the lab and ensure Australia stays a world leader in health and medical research.
  • The Growth Plan is consistent with the Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy 2016–2021 supporting patients, researchers, missions and translation.
Last updated: 
28 August 2018