About the men’s sheds defibrillator initiative

The defibrillator initiative aims to ensure that every men’s shed in Australia has:

  • easy access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • the training to use it

Why it is important

Men’s sheds are often standalone premises within the community. They may be located long distances away from the nearest hospital or medical help. Immediate access to a defibrillator could improve the chances of members surviving a heart attack.


The defibrillator initiative aims to ensure every men’s shed in Australia has easy access to an AED.

Meeting our goals

The initiative will provide $2 million to make sure every men’s shed in Australia has access to a defibrillator.

We surveyed men’s sheds to determine their need for an AED. We did this with help from the Australian Men’s Shed Association and state-based associations of Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Based on the survey results, we will source and distribute AEDs to men’s sheds that need them. We will also provide access to online training on how to use AEDs.

Men’s sheds that did not participate in the survey but need an AED can contact us.

Who we work with

We fund the initiative. Men’s sheds around the country will benefit from it.


Distribution of AEDs to eligible sheds started in April 2020. We expect deliveries to be completed by 31 December 2020.


Men's sheds contact

Contact us for information about how we support men's sheds activities across Australia.

MensSheds [at] health.gov.au

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Last updated: 
24 July 2020