Ongoing care discussions for Home Care Packages

As a home care provider, you must have ongoing discussions with people in your care. These help you to manage their care, make sure the services you’re providing meet their assessed care needs and goals, and identify any issues. Ongoing discussions are an important part of consumer-directed care.

What are ongoing care discussions?

Ongoing care discussions are:

  • regular conversations with your care recipients to help you manage their care
  • an important part of consumer-directed care

What to discuss

As part of your ongoing management of people’s care, you must:

  • discuss their assessed care needs and goals to ensure you’re meeting them
  • work with them to update and create their home care agreement, care plan and individualised budget
  • explain the monthly statement, including the funding available in their package and how those funds are being spent
  • agree with each person on how involved they will be in managing their package
  • monitor and reassess services to make sure they continue to meet their needs
  • make sure you’re aware of any concerns or issues
  • work towards resolving any issues

Translation support

As an approved provider, you can use the Translating and Interpreting Service to help you with ongoing discussions.

Last updated: 
22 January 2020

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