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Notification of changes for Home Care Packages

You must tell us or Services Australia about some changes. Find out how to do this for new services, name or address changes to your current services, people starting or ending home care with you, and changes to your organisation.

Notification requirements for all providers

All approved providers must tell us when certain things happen. To find out what you must tell us, go to notification of changes for all approved providers.

New service

For each home care service, tell us the name, address and contact using the Home Care Service Notification Form.

You must do this before you start providing home care through the service.

Changes to services

Use the Home Care Service Notification Form to tell us about changes to your service’s name, address or contact details.

You must do this within 28 days of the change.

Person starts home care

Within 28 days of a person starting home care, you must tell Services Australia.

Submit an Aged Care Entry Record Form or tell them through aged care online claiming.

Person ends home care

Within 31 days of the cessation day (the day you stop providing care), you must tell Services Australia.

Submit the person's name and their cessation day through aged care online claiming.


For more details, see the Aged Care Act 1997:

Last updated: 
22 January 2020

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