Monthly statements for Home Care Packages

Monthly statements are for people with Home Care Packages. The statements show their available funds, how the funds are being spent and the amount of unspent funds. Home care providers must give monthly statements to each care recipient.

What are monthly statements?

Monthly statements are for people who receive Home Care Packages. The statements show:

  • the available funds in their package at the start of the month
  • a breakdown of funds received and spent during the month
  • the amount of unspent funds remaining at the end of the month

Statements do not have to be based on a calendar month. For example, if a person starts care on 15 May, their first statement could be for the period 15 May to 14 June.

What to include

A person’s monthly statement must include the total amount of:

  • home care subsidies you have received or are due to receive in that month on their behalf
  • home care fees they have paid or are due to pay in that month
  • funds from previous months that you have not spent

You must also include:

  • a list of the services provided during that month
  • the amount you have spent or are due to spend in that month for each service
  • the total amount you have spent or are due to spend for all services in that month
  • any transfer portions received for the person from another provider in that month

When to provide one

Once care and services start, you must:

  • provide monthly statements for any month you provide home care (even if you only provide care on one day)
  • do this as soon as possible after you have all the information you need

Discussing the statement

You must also help a person to understand their monthly statement. If needed, use the Translating and Interpreting Service.

This should be part of your ongoing care discussions with the person.


For full details, go to 21B — Monthly statement of available funds and expenditure to be given to care recipient in the User Rights Principles 2014.

Last updated: 
22 January 2020

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