Learn about COVID-19 vaccines

Find out more about how COVID-19 vaccines are developed, tested and approved.

Learn about COVID-19 vaccines 

This video explains how the COVID-19 vaccines are being assessed and what happens once the vaccines are rolled out.

COVID-19 how to stay informed
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Australia is working hard to ensure we all have access to safe, effective and free COVID-19 vaccines, which will give us the protection to go about our everyday lives. The COVID-19 vaccines are being assessed carefully by independent clinical experts to ensure all potential vaccines meet Australia’s high safety and quality standards.

After vaccines are approved, they will be rolled out, going to those most in need of protection first. To keep up to date visit health.gov.au

About vaccines for COVID-19

The Australian Government requires robust scientific data and analysis before supporting a vaccine candidate. This is a critical part of the scientific process. We continue to follow our rigorous regulatory procedures to ensure that all vaccines supplied in Australia are effective and safe for use.

Advising the Government on COVID-19 vaccines are:

Australia's COVID-19 vaccine agreements

The Australian Government has invested $363 million to support research and development, to contribute to the global effort to find successful vaccines and treatments to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Australia has invested more than $3.3 billion in promising vaccine candidates, and currently has 4 separate agreements for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, if they are proved to be safe and effective.

Find out more about Australia’s vaccine agreements.

Finding information about COVID-19 vaccines

Australians are encouraged to rely on reputable sources of information to help them make informed choices and stay up to date.

Information will be communicated through Government channels, as well as States and Territories and the health sector.

Reputable information about vaccines is available from:

Our plan for vaccines and treatments

Our COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment Strategy supports access to, and delivery of, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.

It is important to continue to practise good hygiene and physical distancing in the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine. A safe and effective vaccine will only be one part of keeping the community safe and healthy.

National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline

If you need information about COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines or help with the COVIDSafe app, call the telephone number listed below. This number operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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19 February 2021

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