Justin Langer’s hearing health story – full version

Former Australian cricketer, Justin Langer shares his experience with hearing health and the importance of booking a hearing check. Book a hearing check, talk to a health professional, or visit health.gov.au/hearing for more information.


Hello, this is Justin Langer, former Australian cricketer and Australian cricket coach, also father of four daughters and a very proud Australian.

I know that I have had all sorts. I remember it was like bang. I started getting this sound in my left ear and then after the sound in my left ear, it was like sabers in a Star Wars movie. It was going off. And then I had this terrible imbalance problems. I started getting vertigo. I had all these issues going on with my ear. I started losing hearing in my left ear, I can’t remember being more miserable in my life.

I felt so unhealthy that I was only getting the tinnitus and the vestibular migraines and the vertigo and the hearing loss that came with all that. And I was so, I was literally so miserable and I felt so unhealthy.

And it wasn’t until I sought some guidance and sought some advice, medical advice, that you would expect for any other part of your health. And my gosh, it’s changed my life. I met some incredible doctors, I met some incredible specialists. And the difference they’ve made to my life is profound and I’m so thankful for that.

I know as an Aussie man, sometimes the stigma of trying to admit we’ve got a weakness, or sometimes admitting that something’s wrong and not talking up, is part of, I guess, our egos or part of the being a macho Aussie. But what I’ve learned and my advice to everybody out there, if you’re having troubles with your hearing and all the areas that can affect with your ear health or your hearing health, please get it checked. There’s amazing services in Australia today that can make a difference. And if you have the courage and the wisdom, if you have the encouragement, to get your hearing checked, it’ll change your life. It changed my life. I’m so thankful – from being completely miserable and unhealthy, to being feeling like I’m living my best life again. So for anyone out there suffering any trouble with their hearing or their ears or their balance, please get it checked out. It’ll change your life.

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