Ways to prevent and manage hearing loss

There are many options available to help prevent and manage hearing loss, depending on your individual diagnosis and circumstances.

Ways to prevent hearing loss

Most types of hearing loss are permanent, so it’s important to try and prevent it before it happens.

To prevent ear injury from loud noises, you can:

  • lower your music, TV and radio so you can easily understand someone talking one metre away
  • lower the volume on headphones or earphones – it shouldn’t be loud enough for someone next to you to hear
  • wear earplugs or hearing protection equipment in loud environments
  • take regular breaks from loud environments.

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Ear infections or inflammation can also lead to hearing loss if they are not managed promptly. It is important to speak with your health professional if you notice any of the following symptoms in yourself or your child:

  • pain
  • discharge from the ear
  • feeling unwell, vomiting or have a fever
  • difficulty hearing properly
  • repeated ear infections.

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Ways to manage hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss, there are a range of management and treatment options that may help, including:

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Help to translate spoken language

There are free services that can help to translate:

  • spoken language to text

  • text to spoken language.


This free speech captioning app is available on Apple devices.

National Relay Service

This phone service is available for free for registered users.

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