Childhood immunisation coverage

Immunisation coverage is the percentage of children who have had all vaccines recommended for their age. For the Third quarter in a row we have met the target of 95% coverage for five year olds, with 95.18% coverage. Coverage for one year olds is 94.85%, and for two year olds is 92.63%.

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What is childhood immunisation coverage?

Childhood immunisation coverage is the percentage of children in Australia who have had all the vaccines recommended for their age in the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Measuring childhood immunisation coverage lets us keep track of how protected we are against vaccine-preventable diseases.

What is our target?

When enough people are vaccinated against a disease to prevent it from spreading, this is known as ‘herd immunity’. Herd immunity offers indirect protection to: 

  • unvaccinated people including children too young to be vaccinated
  • people unable to be vaccinated for a range of valid medical reasons 
  • people for whom vaccination has not been fully effective.

To achieve herd immunity for infectious diseases, coverage needs to be high. For example, measles is highly infectious so it needs a coverage rate of about 92% to 94%.

Australia’s national aspirational coverage target is 95%. Reaching this aspirational target will give us enough herd immunity to stop the spread of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Did you know? Australia is working with other countries to increase immunisation coverage around the world, as part of the Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011–2020.

How have we been tracking?

    We have met our aspirational target for five year olds and are close to meeting our aspirational target of 95% for all age groups, with more than 94.8% coverage for one year olds and more than 92.6% for two year olds.

    Our successes so far:

    • We have achieved 95.18% coverage for all five year olds.
    • We have achieved 97.12% coverage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander five year olds.
    • Coverage rates for one year olds are at 94.85%.

    For detailed data, take a look at:

    Where do we get the numbers?

    We get our numbers from the Australian Immunisation Register. Vaccination providers including general practitioners (GPs) report to the Register when they give vaccines to their patients.

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      23 August 2021

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