Charge-exempt resident supplement for aged care

This supplement helps to cover accommodation charges for residents in residential aged care who were exempt from paying them. Find out who’s eligible to get this supplement and how much you get on behalf of eligible residents.

Applies to

This supplement is for residential aged care providers.

What is the supplement?

This supplement is paid to providers with residents who were exempt from paying an accommodation charge.

Supplement rate

View the current supplement rate in the Schedule of Subsidies and Supplements.


The charge-exempt resident supplement covers residents who:

  • were in permanent high-level care on 30 September 1997
  • have since moved to another service where they would have had to pay an accommodation charge

Residents are not eligible if they:

  • were in an uncertified aged care service
  • received low-level care
  • received care on an extra service basis
  • were concessional or fully supported residents
  • received a low level of care on or after 30 September 1997

How to apply

You do not need to apply. 

Services Australia automatically pays this supplement for eligible care recipients.


Aged care subsidies and supplements contact

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Last updated: 
22 January 2020