Know the risks

It is important to understand the risks of the surgery and the plan for your recovery.

Understand the risks

Every cosmetic surgery involves risks.

It is important to talk to your practitioner and understand:

  • what will happen during the surgery

  • the risks and possible complications

  • the recovery process

  • what results you can expect and how long they will last

  • what to do if you have any concerns about the results of the surgery.

Read our question guide to help you prepare for your conversation.

Know your recovery plan

Recovery and aftercare can be as important for your health and wellbeing as the quality of the surgery itself.

If there are complications with your recovery, you should know who to contact and who will support you.

Ask your practitioner to give you a plan for your recovery and aftercare, particularly if your surgery requires general anaesthesia. If they cannot do this, you should go somewhere else for your surgery.

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