The Youth Taskforce advises the Minister for Youth on:

  • the policy and programs available for young people across government agencies
  • finding ways to involve more young people in developing policies that affect them.

The taskforce has written an interim report, which will support further consultation and guide the work on the National Youth Policy Framework, due to be completed by December 2020.

To prepare the interim report, the taskforce:

  • developed issue papers on marginalised young people, our international obligations, the role of states and territories in youth matters, and data gaps
  • met with service providers and with young people who use those services
  • met with experts and specialists
  • researched youth affairs policies, programs and services (in Australia and overseas), as well as reviewing surveys, papers and research
  • held consultations in capital cities and regional locations.


Youth Taskforce

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Last updated: 
15 June 2021