Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum (MDAF)

The MDAF oversees the work on Australia's national drug policy framework. This framework includes strategies for alcohol, tobacco, ice, and strengthening the alcohol and other drug (AOD) workforce.


The role of the MDAF is to:

  • oversee the work to develop, implement and monitor Australia's national drug policy framework
  • direct, advise and report to other councils and committees
  • report each year to the Council of Australian Governments

The main national drug policy is the National Drug Strategy.

You can view the MDAF's terms of reference in their 16 December 2016 communique.

The National Drug Strategy 2018 Annual Report was agreed by MDAF at its November 2019 meeting.


The MDAF is co-chaired by the:

  • Commonwealth Minister for Health
  • Commonwealth Minister for Justice

Members include two Ministers from each state and territory:

  • one from the health or community services portfolio (with responsibility for AOD policy)
  • one from the justice or law enforcement portfolio


The MDAF meets up to 3 times each year. For a summary of what was discussed in past meetings, view the MDAF communiques.



To find out more about the forum, contact the MDAF secretariat at

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