Shirani’s 60-day prescriptions story

Selected PBS medicines can now be prescribed for 60-days. Ask your doctor if 60-day prescriptions is right for you, or explore the cheaper medicines page to learn more.


I'm Shirani. I'm 47. I live in Melbourne. I've got two children. I'm a stay at home mum, and I'm also on some health committees, doing some health advocacy work. I've got juvenile arthritis that I've had since I was three. I've also got osteoarthritis and quite a lot of other related conditions. I would spend roughly over $2,000 a year on medications, as well as everything else I need to pay for, having a chronic illness - tests, blood tests, x-rays, et cetera. Out of my 10 medications, two will be available on the 60-day prescriptions on the pharmaceutical benefit scheme, the PBS. I think the introduction of 60-day prescriptions is terrific. I think it's extremely important. Quite often, I have days when I'm feeling fatigued and in pain, so having to go to a doctor's less by having a 60-day prescription is very beneficial and a great thing, because it's going to save everyone, but particularly people with chronic illnesses, time and money. If you're wondering if 60-day prescription is a benefit for you, you need to go speak to your GP or your specialist, to find out if it's suitable for you, and then if it is, definitely ask for a script, and off you go to the pharmacist.

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